1998 State College: Spring Cleaning

During the academic year 1997-1998 at Penn State, I lived in a bedsit flat in Holmes Hall, which fell under the aegis of North Halls, the “artists dorm” on campus. I still ate… Continue reading

Siren’s Silence

When I think about the poetry journal Siren’s Silence, and what it meant for Philadelphia in the Nineties, the first thing that occurs to me, and it is salient, is that most of… Continue reading

Mortuary Puppies and the Nineties

When the Outlaw Playwrights produced Mortuary Puppies in early ’99, I had already flown the State College coup. Still, that production, what I heard of it later, was the culminating moment of the four years… Continue reading


Prefaces collects the best recent prose pieces I have to accompany other texts.